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2004-06-03: webmail updates

Version 1.4.3a - 2 June 2004 ---------------------------- - Fix typo in compose.php reply/reply to all quoting (#963499). Version 1.4.3 - 30 May 2004 ------------------- - Fix form functions default parameter. - Disabled Korean extra functions, because they don't provide all required options and message composition is broken. - Added Basque translation support. - Fixed XSS vulnarability in content-type display in the attachment area of read_body.php discovered by Roman Medina. Version 1.4.3-RC1 - 10 May 2004 ------------------------------- - Added new preference that determines cursor focus when replying. - HTML Filter bugfixes and further strengthening in response to some findings reported by stardust. - Display total number of new messages in newmail-plugin popup window. - Disabled Vietnamese and Ukrainian translations. They are done in different language. - Ported charset decoding support functions from SM head. Increases number of readable charsets. - Fix SquirrelMail to work with PHP5. - Reintroduce alternating row colors in addressbook, which has accidentally disappeared somewhere in the dark past. - Disabled Quick-email-reporting feature in spamcop plugin. (#809452). Admin can enable it by setting variable in plugins/spamcop/setup.php - Fix again for Internet Explorer's stupidity of decoding characters, then executing it blindly. See http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/340118. - Replaced obsolete 2mbit.com RBL with ahbl.org RBL (#829887). - Fixed sorting of sent_subfolders. Sent_subfolder plugin is hooked to special_mailbox hook. Stable 1.4 tracker #699920. - New hook function: boolean_hook_function() Used for true/false hooks. - Fixed special_mailbox hook to allow more than one hooked plugin (#870365). - Added new reply citation to include date and author. - Fix some XSS issues. - Norwegian Bokmal translation uses nb_NO. - Improve display of some unparsable/absent dates (#891354). - Added non-anonymous LDAP bind and bind protocol patches from devel. - Add comment (Highest,Normal,Lowest) to X-Priority header. - Make writing of preferences, abook, calendars fail better when disk full (#915527). - Fix quoteimap() regex escaping problem (#921291). - Added international date format support (#927264). - Fixed "Resume Draft" to use correct identity (#845290). - Fixed RFC2821 incompliancy by adding a fallback mechanism to HELO if EHLO is not supported. - Fixed RFC2298 incompliancy by setting envelope sender to null. - Allow single quotes to be used in theme name in conf.pl (#805309). - Do not present special folders as renameable/deleteable (#816881). - Fixed on the fly decoding of base64 encoded attachments. - Fixed message rejects by the postfix sendmail wrapper when attachments were involved. - Fixed scenario where just created special folders were not displayed on first login. - Fixed wrong folding of headerlines in composed messages containing long email addresses. - Fixed date display bug for messages of today. Show short format in case of long format. (only occures in the timeframe around 0:00 AM till timezone). - Use Special Folder Color config option works again (#931956). - In POP3-class, be more liberal regarding RFC-incompliant POP3-servers.

Duration: none Priority: non-critical Problem type: unknown Affected host(s): bikr,darourat

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