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Spurious Business ™ is a multipurpose-, people- and result-oriented corporation making money out of marketing principles throughout the whole world.
The existence of Spurious Business ™ is demonstrating the unused potentials of the current world market situation. The claims made by "classical" fund & share marketeers are vanquishing to /dev/null ©
On the other hand, Spurious Business ™ is a standardised, ISO 9660 compliant firm.

 Mission Statement 

We resolve to execute a strategic plan to proficiently extend two-tier total quality management to enable us to assertively deliver our extensible infrastructures so that we may dominate the economy.

 Strategic Business Plan 

Our responsibility is to:

  1. Deliver efficient relationships and client-centered middleware
  2. Briskly engage our e-paradigms and killer partnerships
  3. Engage our e-face time
  4. Engage our distributed catalysts for interfaces
  5. Envision scalable meta-partnerships
  6. Transform assets and cross-platform interfaces
  7. Deliver our action items and our platforms
  8. Vigorously transform scalable sub-perspectives and content
  9. Astutely envision seamless middleware

Our ultimate goals are to meet the wants of the universe, pull ahead from the industry, and, most importantly, meet the expectations of the *(SPU) nation.


Currently, Spurious Business ™ is composed out of several leading personalities, including the following positions and departments:

  • Advisor
  • Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.)
  • Chief Fincancial Officer (C.F.O.)
  • Chief Government Officer (C.G.O.)
  • Chief Organisational Officer (C.O.O.)
  • Culture Department (building)
  • Health Department (building)
  • Human Resources Department (building)
  • Hygiene Department (planning)
  • Portfolio

We are currently seeking for dynamic, motivated, young people for the following positions:

  • Business dept, accountant
  • Press speaker, representative
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