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 News-flash 19 

2002-06-21: business central now in TiX, Zurich, Switzerland

! Scheduled downtime ! Depeche To all employees: attention, attention on thursday 20. June afternoon, all work regarding spurious biz will be layed down. All employees, especially those in touch with IT Department, are alerted that the control centre of spurious.biz will be moved over from Luxembourg to Switzerland (Zurich). The geographical move is based on better market conditions and of course more favorable market regulations. The financial situation of the firm also strikes us currently, so we have to decide quickly and produce the best possible solution. The business will be back up as soon as the C.E.O. and C.O.O. have managed to install the new control centre. The schedule to expect for the work taking up again should be Friday 21. June evening to saturday 22. June morning.

Duration: none Priority: non-critical Problem type: unknown Affected host(s): bikr

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